Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Marilyn Monroe

This is what I want to achieve as a photographer.
The below photo carefully portrayed the love between Monroe and her man.
If only I am able to take portraits for big stars - 
not the studio kind, more like the daily life kind - it will be a dream-come-true.

featuring one of Lawrence Schiller's Marilyn and Me photographs


Thursday, 23 February 2012


I have no idea when I start liking kids...
but I do remember how much I hated them when I was younger...

I guess now that when one gets older, they'll try to preserve something innocent and pure at home just to balance out their realistic, painstaking world...

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Very Least...

I admire you and adore you
what should I do to go through with this
We might have crossed a line
That night you land a kiss on my lips

We could have kept a distance
or nod our heads say bye
Instead we sealed our lips,
and proposed yet another high,

You are not just a friend
In fact you're important in my life
Dont wanna lose you at all
but it doesn't seem I have a choice at all
now i see my other fall
yet another fall...

Often you're the first person I think of,
of things I want to share,
At this stage,
very stage of stalemate
is relatively hard to bare

You're still the first person I wanna share
share with something new
you're still the first person i wanna call
call upon when the sun dawns
imagine what you and me would become
what you and me would become...

Featuring Erik Johansson's work ( photo manipulator/ digital photographer)

Saturday, 31 December 2011


I think scents (human odor) are really important in distinguishing whether you like that person.

Flying on the business class always has its benefits - you don't sit next to mothers accompanied with crying babies or sweaty overweight men. This particular man who sat down next to me is carrying a scent that secretly arouses me...

Man cologne eh - a memory of a summer fling strikes me right there - Obviously at that moment I did not intentionally try to smell him ( or sniff him like a dog)... All I did was peeked over to his bedside drawer - there it was, a completely black bottle was black writings ( that doesn't make sense I know), shaped like a tube just stood there....luring me over... (Armani code?)

Coming back to reality.... the french guy next to me ( yes, by now I know he's french) must be wearing Abercrombies classic cologne. I know for a fact, because, if you've bought something from AF before, you'd probably recognize it as well....I wanna sniff someone now...How weird I am.

Speaking of flights - lately I've been addicted to this new series called Pan AM. Oh so addicted....

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

IN UK - Topic Feminism.

What do Men actually prefer?

Women who speaks up their mind, discreetly express their inner thoughts and pushes you to do whatever they want you to do

Women who are very obedient, pay attention to details, plans and organizes everything and is nice to basically everyone

Featuring Cyanide and Happiness Comics - I used to read them every now and then during my University   years....

Side note: Are men stupid or what...